As a student in grade 11, I was misunderstood by most of my teachers. This wasn't unusual for me because that's what I was used to throughout school.  My Grade 11 mathematics teacher instructed me to drop to standard grade because she believed I lacked the aptitude for mathematics. Towards the end of my Grade 11 year, I began extra classes with Mr Luis. I passed mathematics on higher grade and was fortunate to get him as a mathematics teacher in Grade 12.

Mr Luis took the time to understand how my mind worked and tailored his teaching to work with my brain to raise my overall average by more than 30 percent, that would mean that my final matric mark would have been at least thirty five percent higher than my grade 11 mark.  

But this isn't the most important part of this story, by teaching me how to understand my mind and how to unlock its potential, I was able to see the world differently. I have since completed my medical degree and specialise in aesthetic medicine, have completed an MBA and am currently designing and manufacturing my own airplane.

Dr Reza

Past Student Of John Luis

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