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A World-Class 3D Virtual School

IVA Global Online School has taken online teaching and learning to the next level - a unique and highly engaging 3D virtual school.

In IVA’s 3D virtual school, students and teachers are represented by avatars interacting and behaving as if they were in a physical school.

Teaching and learning is about developing your child’s full potential to prepare them for a life of responsibility and opportunity. Online schooling through cutting edge 3D virtual technology allows IVA School to capture your child's imagination and keep them engaged, while providing them with an international curriculum to set them up for the future.

The proliferation of online home schooling has opened the doors for many more learners of all backgrounds to have the best available education. The world is changing fast, and so to the way we teach and learn. We are committed to making sure we remain a world class school with learners that can stay ahead this change. 

Through our student-centred approach and outstanding teachers, our goal-orientated and supportive learning system, IVA offers the best in 3D virtual learning.

This is the future 
of education and IVA is excited to be leading this transformation.

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