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3D Virtual
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IVA Global Online School has taken online teaching and learning to the next level – a unique and highly engaging 3D virtual school.

In IVA’s 3D virtual school, students and teachers are represented by avatars interacting and behaving as if they were in a physical school. This is the future of education and IVA is excited to be leading this transformation.


IVA Global Online School is a premium choice for online schooling, focusing on meaningful academic connections between students and teachers, ensuring the experience is rich with direction within a nurturing and supportive environment.

IVA Global Online School selects top teachers with exemplary track records. Our student-centred approach is exemplified by our outstanding teachers, who remain goal-oriented and supportive beyond expectations.

The IVA offering goes beyond excellent Academics. The holistic experience manifests itself across five main pillars.

Five Pillars of IVA

IVA Learn

IVA Global Online School is a world-class online school complete with an interactive 3D campus created for teaching and learning. Students and teachers represent their unique selves through an avatar that walks into school and takes up a seat in the various virtual spaces and classrooms. Awards ceremonies, talent shows, school assemblies and parent meetings feature strongly in our 1000-seater virtual auditorium.

IVA Social

At IVA Global Online School, we are more than the academic rigour found in subjects and assessments. As a school, we are a community with an active online social program and our students have the opportunity to hang out in our virtual home called “Isle of IVA”. IVA students propose different student led societies for student membership and participation. Our students also participate inE–Sports and E-Sports is a weekly lesson for Year 4 to 9 students. IVA Global Online School is represented by students in more than 26 countries around the world, and in-person gatherings are organised per area from time to time. Annually, students have the opportunity to explore the country with their classmates through our camps and tours.

IVA Mind & Body

We aim to equip our students with the tools to manage their mental and physical health. IVA Global Online School students engage once a week in lessons dealing with healthy minds and bodies. Counselling and mentorship structures are built in to ensure students have the support and tools they need at any time.

“Your mind and body are instruments and how you tune them determines how you play life.”
Harbhajan Yogi

IVA Values

We strive to inspire through our mutual behaviour to achieve a and dignifying of all people. Mutual Respect and dignifying all individuals regardless of shape, size, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and others is key and at the forefront of the IVA Global Online School value system.

Beyond IVA

From Year 9, a strong and well-developed career and tertiary guidance program ensures students and parents are well-informed and equipped to make the best decisions and choices for their children beyond IVA.

IVA Online School Curriculum


Our academic offerings extend from Year R/Kindergarten (5-year-olds) to IEB Year 12 and British GCSE and AS Levels.

IVA Global Online School has students enrolled across the globe. For this reason, our preschool Foundation Phase and Senior Primary curricula are aligned to international best standards, with a particular focus on blending the British and South African IEB curricula.

The IVA curriculum allows students in the Senior High School to choose regarding how they exit their schooling years. From Year 10, students can select one of the following pathways:

  1. British GCSE and AS Levels
  2. South African IEB (Independent Examinations Board)
  3. International Secondary Certificate – available to international students outside of South Africa.

Please download IVA’s info pack for more details on our philosophy and the subjects offered.

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John Luis

Head of IVA Global Online School

Previous experience

  • Head of Academics:  AdvTech Schools
  • Senior Deputy Head: Oprah Winfrey leadership academy for girls
  • Head: Reddam House Bedfordview


  • National Mathematics IEB Examiner
  • Member of Academic Council – Fedisa Fashion School
“As parents we are happy, and we’ve got a happy child. At the end of 2021 I asked her whether she wanted to go back to mainstream school and she said absolutely not. She’s enjoying IVA and wants to continue.”


IVA Parent

“I bombard them [IVA Teachers] with questions all the time and they always answer me in a timely manner. They’re always there.”


IVA Parent

“My boys are loving being part of IVA Global School. My little one even said he hasn’t met such nice teachers before.”


IVA Parent

“What a lovely warm welcome my son received from all his classmates and teachers. So refreshing to have my kid so happy and looking forward to school.”


IVA Parent

“My daughter said, ” Mom, it’s the happiest I’ve been in my life.”


IVA Parent

“I’ve seen so much change in my son. He’s more reliable, he’s more focused.”


IVA Parent

South Africa Curriculum

IVA Global Online School in South Africa aligns strongly with the vision of the IEB which is to advance quality teaching and learning in South Africa through an assessment process of integrity, innovation, and international comparability.

IVA Global Online School employs highly experienced IEB teachers, daily engaging students through live synchronous online lessons.

IVA Global Online School is a registered IEB centre.

International British Curriculum

Interest in the International British curriculum continues to grow as it provides students from outside the UK the opportunity to attain a strong international qualification.

IVA Global Online School offers live synchronous lessons according to a structured timetable with highly qualified teachers.

Students can complete their GCSE’s and AS levels within 2 years.

IEB International Curriculum

The IEB-ISC is a “Globally-oriented qualification with its roots in Africa” and is suited for Grade 10 to 12 students living outside South Africa.

The ISC is an international qualification in that it is intended to be offered across borders in different countries, particularly in Africa.

The USAF (universities of South Africa) evaluation of the IEB-ISC provides assurance of its quality and students are able to pursue university studies in South Africa and abroad.

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What Year are you interested in?

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