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Miniature Globe sitting atop an iPad in a school desk environment with a graduation hat on top, illustrating the concept of a Global School. The depiction is enhanced by background textbooks and pencils. The iPad further alludes to the Global School concept of connectedness and the online landscape.

Unravelling the Concept of a Global School at IVA

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, new concepts and approaches are constantly being introduced to improve learning outcomes and prepare students for the future. One such concept that has been gaining traction in recent years is that of a ‘global...

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Someone online on a computer with floating legal icons, illustrating a possible online school in the UK. While depicting an online school, it raises the question: Is online school legal in the UK?

Is Online School Legal in the UK?

The advent of technology has revolutionized many sectors, including education. Online schooling has become increasingly popular worldwide, offering a flexible and accessible alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms. However, as this trend continues to...

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Best online school

Which Online Education is Best?

A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Online School In the digital age, online education has become a popular alternative to traditional classroom-based learning. The flexibility and convenience offered by online schools have made them an attractive option for...

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3D School Campus is Highly Engaging

Virtual learning in schools

Introduction In the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has transformed various sectors, including education. The traditional classroom setting is rapidly evolving into digital classrooms, paving the way for virtual learning....

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South Africa Curriculum

IVA Global Online School in South Africa aligns strongly with the vision of the IEB which is to advance quality teaching and learning in South Africa through an assessment process of integrity, innovation, and international comparability.

IVA Global Online School employs highly experienced IEB teachers, daily engaging students through live synchronous online lessons.

IVA Global Online School is a registered IEB centre.

International British Curriculum

Interest in the International British curriculum continues to grow as it provides students from outside the UK the opportunity to attain a strong international qualification.

IVA Global Online School offers live synchronous lessons according to a structured timetable with highly qualified teachers.

Students can complete their GCSE’s and AS levels within 2 years.

IEB International Curriculum

The IEB-ISC is a “Globally-oriented qualification with its roots in Africa” and is suited for Grade 10 to 12 students living outside South Africa.

The ISC is an international qualification in that it is intended to be offered across borders in different countries, particularly in Africa.

The USAF (universities of South Africa) evaluation of the IEB-ISC provides assurance of its quality and students are able to pursue university studies in South Africa and abroad.

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What Year are you interested in?

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