I was fortunate to have been taught by several wonderful educators throughout the course of my schooling, but it is a very rare privilege to have a teacher whose impression continues to last more than a decade after graduation and of whom you speak proudly years down the line when relaying tales (mostly hilarious) to new friends and colleagues. Mr Luis (or John, as I now call him) was such a person, and I was fortunate to have him as both Maths teacher and Headmaster between 2004 and 2008.

His academic excellence was beyond question, and amongst our peers it was universally enviable to be in his Maths class. He had the ability to captivate our attention and foster an understanding that went beyond the prescribed curriculum, exploring further dimensions of the subject matter. He enamoured us with his unique charm, his playful wit and his lightning quick tongue, making every lesson something memorable.

Above all that, the positive impact made by Mr Luis on our school culture, which doubtless played a fundamental role during our formative years, was undeniable. We were treated with a level of dignity and respect not often afforded to teenagers at the time and, accordingly, we were inspired to rise to the occasion and assume higher levels of responsibility. All the while, Mr Luis maintained a personal interest in his students, being available and handling the nuanced conditions of young life with grace and wisdom. I cannot speak highly enough of my former Headmaster. 

Michael Kleynhans

Past Student of John Luis

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