Which Online Homeschool Curriculum is best?

Sep 27, 2023 | Blogs

IVA Global Online School is a Virtual School that adapts an engaging 3D avatar world for much of its engagement. Being a virtual school means that we can offer various options in terms of home school curriculums. As an international school, we also focus on fostering a sense of community for our pupils. To encourage this sense of community, our virtual school offers weekly school assemblies, social events, clubs, and societies, to name a few. IVA also offers E-Sports for pupils.

As a virtual international school, we know that our global school attracts pupils from various geographical regions; some of our pupils may be home-schooled in South Africa, while others may be from the United Kingdom, Dubai and even Australia. Our online school curriculum follows international best practices. As a virtual international school, we ensure that our academic curriculum teaches children about local and global perspectives.

The home school curriculum for our virtual school is as follows:
Year R to Grade 9 consists of subjects including but not limited to:

  • Home Language – English or Afrikaans.
  • First Additional Language – Afrikaans, isiZulu. Other languages are also offered by special arrangement.
  • Second Additional Languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, German, Arabic can be arranged by special arrangement.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science – Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  • Arts Appreciation – Visual Arts, Music and Dramatic Arts.
  • Computing.
  • Social Science – Global History and Geography.
  • Mind & Body Matters.
  • Global perspectives.
  • E-Sports (From Grade 3 onwards).

From year 7 to year 9, students may also take up Entrepreneurship and Economic Management Sciences.

In the final years of grade 10 to 12, we can offer three different home school curricula for pupils as follows:

1. South African IEB
For pupils and parents considering home schooling in South Africa, the South African IEB Curriculum is offered from years 10 to 12. With our home school curriculum, we are confident that the IEB and our World-class teachers will help students obtain admission to universities in South Africa or overseas. Past IVA Global School pupils have successfully obtained admission to universities in South Africa and overseas.

The South African IEB is recommended for students’ home schooling in South Africa. Our subject choices for the South African IEB consist of the following:

  • English Home Language or Afrikaans Huistaal.
  • First Additional Language – Afrikaans and isiZulu . Other languages are offered by special arrangement.
  • Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy.
  • Further Mathematics can be taken as an extra subject.
  • Life Orientation.

IVA students can choose any three subjects from the following list:

  • Business Studies, Computer Applications Technology, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Consumer Studies, History, Visual Arts, Tourism.
  • online school campus teacher avatar

The following subjects can also be taken but may incur extra costs – dependent on numbers of students:

  • Music, Geography, Design, Equine Studies, Agricultural Sciences, Dramatic Arts, Economics, Accounting, Information Technology, Engineering and Graphics Design.
  • Second additional languages are offered but may incur an extra cost. French, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Hebrew, Arabic, and German.

2. British Curriculum
As a virtual international school, we also offer a British Curriculum consisting of British GSCEs and AS Levels.

Our subject choices for the British GSCEs and AS Levels consist of the following:

  • English Language (No Literature).
  • Mathematics or Further Pure Mathematics – offered at the Foundation and Higher Tier.
  • Biology.
  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • History.
  • Computer Science and/or ICT.
  • Business.

British GCSE only:

  • Art & Design.
  • Afrikaans.
  • French, Portuguese, Spanish.

3. International Secondary Certificate
Our home school curriculum takes into account our position as an international school. Hence IVA Global School also offers the International Secondary Certificate (ISC), an excellent curriculum choice for students outside South Africa wanting to obtain admission to South African Universities.

The International Secondary Certificate curriculum enables students to select options from the following list:

  • English Primary Language.
  • French Language in Practice, Portuguese Language in Practice.
  • Active Citizenry.
  • Computer Science and/or Computer Studies.
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Mathematics and/or Further Mathematics.
  • Biology, Consumer Studies, Engineering Graphics and Technology, Physical Sciences, Business Studies, History, Economics, Tourism.

At IVA, we offer a variety of curricula, but we are so much more than just excellent teaching and academic rigour. We take a holistic approach to online schooling as a virtual school. As such, IVA creates a community for students in which to thrive academically and personally.
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South Africa Curriculum

IVA Global Online School in South Africa aligns strongly with the vision of the IEB which is to advance quality teaching and learning in South Africa through an assessment process of integrity, innovation, and international comparability.

IVA Global Online School employs highly experienced IEB teachers, daily engaging students through live synchronous online lessons.

IVA Global Online School is a registered IEB centre.

International British Curriculum

Interest in the International British curriculum continues to grow as it provides students from outside the UK the opportunity to attain a strong international qualification.

IVA Global Online School offers live synchronous lessons according to a structured timetable with highly qualified teachers.

Students can complete their GCSE’s and AS levels within 2 years.

IEB International Curriculum

The IEB-ISC is a “Globally-oriented qualification with its roots in Africa” and is suited for Grade 10 to 12 students living outside South Africa.

The ISC is an international qualification in that it is intended to be offered across borders in different countries, particularly in Africa.

The USAF (universities of South Africa) evaluation of the IEB-ISC provides assurance of its quality and students are able to pursue university studies in South Africa and abroad.

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What Year are you interested in?

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