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Mwaiseni! Welcome to IVA Global School in Zambia, where education knows no bounds. As the world’s first 3D virtual school, we’re not just revolutionizing education; we’re tailoring it to meet the unique aspirations of Zambian learners. Our virtual school is a beacon of quality education, offering homeschooling and online learning options that empower children to excel academically.


Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Homeschooling in Zambia

At IVA Global School, we’re committed to being pioneers in education. Choose from the International British, South African, or IEB International curriculum, ensuring your child’s learning journey is uniquely crafted for success.


Global Opportunities with a Zambian Touch

As the world’s first 3D virtual school, IVA Global School prepares Zambian students not only for South African universities but also opens doors to global educational opportunities. Your child can matriculate in a curriculum of their choice and seamlessly transition to universities worldwide.


Experience Tailored Learning in Zambia

Looking for an online school in Zambia? IVA Global School is your answer. Our live teaching experiences foster a wholesome environment for learning, ensuring that students receive an excellent education. Join our virtual campus on the Isle of IVA and embark on a journey towards academic excellence, uniquely tailored to the Zambian spirit.

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South Africa Curriculum

IVA Global Online School in South Africa aligns strongly with the vision of the IEB which is to advance quality teaching and learning in South Africa through an assessment process of integrity, innovation, and international comparability.

IVA Global Online School employs highly experienced IEB teachers, daily engaging students through live synchronous online lessons.

IVA Global Online School is a registered IEB centre.

International British Curriculum

Interest in the International British curriculum continues to grow as it provides students from outside the UK the opportunity to attain a strong international qualification.

IVA Global Online School offers live synchronous lessons according to a structured timetable with highly qualified teachers.

Students can complete their GCSE’s and AS levels within 2 years.

IEB International Curriculum

The IEB-ISC is a “Globally-oriented qualification with its roots in Africa” and is suited for Grade 10 to 12 students living outside South Africa.

The ISC is an international qualification in that it is intended to be offered across borders in different countries, particularly in Africa.

The USAF (universities of South Africa) evaluation of the IEB-ISC provides assurance of its quality and students are able to pursue university studies in South Africa and abroad.

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What Year are you interested in?

Please select a year group so we can put you in touch with the correct Phase Head.
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